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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dana Watroba


  1. Kitchen Remodel
    21 Sep, 2017
    Kitchen Remodel
    So before Baby Harlowe comes in December Ben is determined to have our big house projects done.   What started as let me paint the house and her room became let's get the projects done! Along with working full time on other peoples jobs and going back to the Curtiss Hotel for a week, he has accomplished a lot.  ~ basement  DONE ~ paint the living room DONE ~ install wood floors DONE ~ install new lights 75% DONE But the biggest project our kitchen is the one that is driving me crazy that it
  2. The Finished Basement
    31 Jul, 2017
    The Finished Basement
    Remember my last post where I shared our basement remodel? Looking at this pictures today I still can't believe what a huge change! We went from someone's half done handiwork to a complete bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, 2 laundry rooms (one on our side of the basement and theirs), actual finished walls, and new plumbing and electric.   If we weren't gonna need 2 rooms in a few months I would just move us down there! Check it out! This closet connects the bedroom to the bathroom and laundry room. I
  3. What a Change!
    24 Jul, 2017
    What a Change!
    Full Circle was contacted by a couple in Flowery Branch to remodel their kitchen. This included tear out, flooring, install, electrical, plumbing, and granite work. What a job!  The kitchen also had a complete transformation from maple cabinets to white antique and a much larger island! HUGE CHANGE! Look at the before pictures- Now notice the after pictures-  We were able to add more cabinet space and change around the appliances. The trashcans also have a place to live, hidden in a drawer.
  4. Our House's Big Project
    29 Jun, 2017
    Our House's Big Project
    When we bought this house it had a full basement that was finished by people who just threw stuff together. We knew that we wanted to gut it and put in an apartment for a rental. That project finally got started! Ben's dear sweet dad has spearheaded it since we are stuck in Buffalo, NY. Where would we be without family? Fortunately, Ben was able to  start gutting it in December when we were home for a few days. That included ripping out carpet, drywall, and walls. They didn't even have a
  5. Bathroom Designs
    01 Jun, 2017
    Bathroom Designs
    I am a bath taker. Showers are ok but baths I can soak, read a book, drink, have bubbles. Who doesn't love it? For my anniversary this week I got to spend the day at the hotel while Ben was working and take the very first bath in this bathroom!  It was glorious! I'm looking to get a tub like this for our house. I can dream right? So this tub has an option to put essential oils in and they steam out while you bathe. Amazing! Also the jets have many different options- timing, strength, and mood
  6. Cabinets- Just for Kitchens and Bathrooms?
    21 Feb, 2017
    Cabinets- Just for Kitchens and Bathrooms?
    Typically when you think I need new cabinets you think of them for your kitchen or bathrooms. However thanks to the world wide web and people with creative minds cabinets can be used anywhere! Here are a few ideas to update your cabinet ideas- Kitchen Island This one keeps it in the kitchen but it’s a very popular use of cabinets these days. Use a section of cabinets to create a kitchen island. Use a countertop that is larger than the cabinets to create space for extra seating, which is always
  7. Do Research!
    19 Jan, 2017
    Do Research!
    Starting the process of making your home dreams a reality can be overwhelming! I have found having a pinterest board has helped keep me organized.  You get your ideas then you have to start getting contractors and prices together.  This might be daunting since there are so many people out there who promise they are the best!  Who should you choose?  A good way to start would be asking around.  Talk with friends or relatives who have done a remodeling project.  Who did they use and how was
  8. 3D Cabinet Design
    08 Nov, 2016
    3D Cabinet Design
    Since I am not a person that can visualize how things look seeing a catalog with cabinets is not helpful. Not everyone can get an actual cabinet delivered to them so they can see it. That's why I have really enjoyed seeing Ben's 3D designs. Did you notice them on our gallery page? Your project will come alive! Notice the details added in- tile backsplash, lights, wood floor, appliances, hardware, a desk chair.   Anything you visualize can be put in these designs. Make
  9. Wright's Office Floor
    25 Oct, 2016
    Wright's Office Floor
    Full Circle Home Services went into the Wright's home and redid their office space in just 1 week! 1. Pack all the items up 2. Rip out the carpet 3. Put in hardwood flooring 4.Replace all the furniture and contents 5. Enjoy!! The wood floor is 2 1/4 wide red oak with 3 1/2 wide accent and border boards finished in Provincial with Ebony border accents.